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Seeds underground party in Novi Sad

Event type: party, discussion
Place: Izba, Železnička 4, Novi Sad
Date: 07/11/2013


Seeds Underground party
21 h
Club Izba
Železnička 4, Novi Sad


Seeds underground is seed exchange parties where packets of seeds change hands and go underground in the fields across nation borders.


In certain parts of the world, the vast farmlands have been colonized by genetically modified crops for our staple foods (i.e. wheat, soybeans, corns). Introduced 30 years ago, the transgenic biotechnology has since been commercialized by the patent-protected corporate sectors. Taking over the wholesale markets, the Herbicide-tolerant and pest-resistant seeds promise higher yields and profits without much ecological concerns. The European Union is about to adopt a new seed policy, which favors the seed industry corporations by making all seeds subject to strict regulation. It is feared that this will hurt organic varieties and prevent seed exchange by seed farmers and savers. Republic of Serbia is preparing negotiation process with EU and important agenda in the negotiations is seed policy, and especially GMO seeds.


Bring your harvested, acquired seeds of sorts to this party! Sign on to trade seeds., to adopt and germinate, to broadcast and track their distribution. Bring your music, pump up the volume, exchange seeds while partying! Resist the monopolizing tendencies of large seed producers!



Seeds Underground Party is part of the program of the exhibition Autonomies in Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina open from 7th untill 28th of November.




Concept: Shu Lea Cheang (USA/France)