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Publication – Contemporary readings – A debate about newest technological development

Event type: Publication

In cooperation with Interkultivator (Belgrade) and the Academy of Arts (Novi Sad), Napon has launched a project Open School.


Open School Program has functioned as a reading group where participants analyzed texts on media theory, cultural studies and philosophy of technology, covering aspects such as algorithmic future, big data, privacy, technical internet communication protocols. The idea came to us when we noticed that young people need a space to analyze, discuss and reflect openly with colleagues and experts on the corpus of texts in the field of humanities, that are rarely presented in official curricula of colleges. The School brought together participants from many different disciplines who debated and talked about current problems, development in today’s technological society.


Program was held in the autumn / winter period of 2015 at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. One of the results of the project is a release of Publication – Contemporary readings – A debate about newest technological development that combines research, analysis and works created during this experimental educational format.  Represented and explored topics during this period are just a tip of the iceberg. This release includes text participants wrote on the relationship between humans and techno ecologies.


This publication wants to promote work of young minds who are a crucial part of societal development.



Online version can be found on our Issuu account