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Institute for flexible cultures and technologies

Conference Autonomies : Presentations and lectures

Event type: presentation, lecture
Place: Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Dunavska 37,Novi Sad, Serbia
Date: 11/26/2013


Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies – NAPON invites you to the Conference Autonomies : presentation of artist works and research in the framework of the exhibition “Autonomy”



Museum of Contemporary Art

37 Dunavska, Novi Sad

cinema hall


Tuesday, 26/11/2013.





Geraldine Juarez (SE)


Financial Times


Geraldine will present her current work about financialisation of everything, where she use markets as materials to deface the cultish nature of financial capitalism.


Born in Mexico City, de-schooled in NYC and based in Sweden. She is a fellow of FAT LAB , half Forays , founder of theDataslöjd studio and member of the ElectroKKV in Göteborg. She works with technologies and piracies to interact with and reflect on spaces that emerge from the endless tensions between information, property and power.

Her practice developed during 2 generous fellowships in Eyebeam NYC, were i was awarded the AIR fellowship (2002/2003) and the Senior Production Lab Fellowship (2006/2008). She has been resident artist at inCUBATE in Chicago (2008), Timelab in Belgium (2010) , JA.Ca in Brazil (2010), Fabrikken in Copenhagen (2013) and one of the recipients of the Makers Muse Award 2011 from the Kindle Project.









Les Mislerebles (RS)



Les Mislerebels (Isidora Todorović in collaboration with the Luka Ranisavljević and Andrea Palašti)


Microecological `intervention ‘


Les Mislerebles informal art groups interested in exploring glocal-socio – economic issues , geopolitics and ecology . Within the presentation of papers will present the project to Can You Feel the spill ? which originated from a residential program art colony – Nida . Can you feel the spill ? is microecological , socio – political game designed in two media : a board game ( board game ) , and as locative Android applications . The work is actually a subversive social and locative game – microecological intervention that plays with expectations of players . It also refers to the beginning of their joint cooperation in the framework of Hybrid Media Camp. The idea of Hibrid Media Camp was based on the use of resources, rural areas , villages specifics Begec and local infrastructure as a background for cultural and technological research in the field of new media . As part of the presentation the group will also present the latest pre-premiere -made political locative game android game One Good Day . This game is firmly linked to the issues of corruption , political and religious abuse of power and as such is an indicator of past and present issues of Novi Sad . In this way, the game becomes an alternative guide to Novi Sad, because the movement of the game physically move through Novi Sad while visiting an actual space in Novi Sad iconic location Find out the background of the political struggles that take place in them . The audience will be able to download the game from Google play and try it .



Links ::


http://www.flickr.com/photos/54735892 @ N08 /






Joana Moll (ES)


Move and get shot: surveillance through social networks along the US-Mexico border


“AZ: move and get shot” and “The Texas Border” are two net based artworks which explore the phenomenon of surveillance on the internet carried out by civilians on the border between Mexico and the US. Many of these online platforms appeared during the rise of the social networking service and its structure was adopted as a cheaper and more efficient alternative way to monitor the border. Thus, the recreational activity became a tool for militarizing the civil society. This talk will expose the research process behind the two artworks and will analyze the evolution of some of these net based platforms from its inception to the present.


Joana Moll. Barcelona, 1982. Holds a Master’s degree in Digital Arts from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and a BA in Visual Arts from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She has performed and exhibited her work internationally in venues such as Arts Santa Monica and The Picasso Museum in Barcelona, the Oi Futuro Institute in Rio de Janeiro, the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History, the Lancaster University in UK, The Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies in Novi Sad and the Ithaca College in New York, from where she received an award for “The Texas Border”. She took part in FILE 2011 held in Sao Paulo, FILE 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, ISEA 2012 edition and Festival Internacional de la Imagen 2013 in Manizales. She also contributed to the development of interactive projects for the Science Museum of Granada, the Institute of Palaeontology of Sabadell and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She is actively collaborating withSauti ya wakulima project and is a member of the Scientific and Artistic Comittee of the Antiatlas des Frontières.






19 hours





Gerald Nestler (AT)


Mayhem in Mahwah. The Case of the Flash Crash; or, Forensic Reperformance In Deep Time


Financial algorithms create a space of presence whose transaction speed transcends human perception. At this very moment, the notion of the present as the time of assembly, decision-making and common action capsizes, engulfed by an automated sea of minute futures.


Under the regime of informational capitalism, a paradoxical situation accrues from proprietary transaction spaces. The future as the horizon of time to come is superseded by a technologically captured time whose horizon collapses into the very present moment. Extended and at the same time withdrawn by a new mode of enclosure – enforced by the black box regime of algorithmic trading – the present veers from contingent potential to a past of its own becoming. When even the spectacle of mediated presence evaporates into the algorithmic logistics of myriad concealed derivative evaluations and thus a new breed of cybernetic predication machines colonize bio-political power regimes, what does this signify for the forensics of the future forum?

A text version of this talk will be published in: FORENSIS: The Architecture of Public Truth, Sternberg Press, 2014.


Gerald Nestler’s work deals with a specific agglomeration commonly known as finance and its ideological, methodological and fictive traits. His practice and research form a speculative laboratory combining theory with performance, installation, video, and speech to create experimental situations in which the notion of a contingent presence resists and counters derivative futures.


Nestler graduated from the Academy of fine arts Vienna in 1992. From 1994-1997, he undertook field work as broker and trader. He received an Austrian State Scholarship for Visual Art in 2003 and published Yx . fluid taxonomies—enlitened elevation—voided dimensions—human derivatives—vibrations in hyperreal econociety with Schlebrügge Editors, Vienna in 2007. He co-edited the issues 200 and 201 of Kunstforum International on art and economy with Dieter Buchhart. Nestler teaches at Webster University Vienna and is a practice-based PhD candidate at the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths College, University of London.






Produced by: Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies – NAPON

Co-production: The Museum of Contemporary Art, Institute for Culture of Vojvodina


The presentation and lecure is part of an international project Techno-ecology “in cooperation with the Center for New Media RIXC (Latvia) Baltan Laboratories (Netherlands), Ars Longa (France) and the Finnish Society BioArt (Finland)


Support: EU Culture Programme, Secretariat for Education and Culture of AP Vojvodina, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia


Admission to all events is free.