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Institute for flexible cultures and technologies

PLAY CULTURES / World of digital games

Event type: Exhibition and conference
Place: Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade Paris 14
Date: 07/03/2008
Curator: Kristian Lukić

Play Cultures / world of digital games

Play Cultures Exhibition
07:03 – 08.04.2008.
Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade
Pariska 14



Kristian Lukić


Friday, 07.03.2008.
19:00 hours


Play Cultures Exhibition presents contemporary artistic production of digital games and shows one possible view of how the genre of digital games can be used in a creative and engaging way. The exhibition consists of standalone games, mods, video works, multiplayer games and interactive stories. The exhibition contains works ranging from political propaganda to the hacker technique of high aesthetics and social issues. Some papers criticize the internal logic of the algorithm, deconstruct some existing games and disrupt the very concept of gameplay.


Artists / e:

AES + F (RU), Afkar Media (SY), Alon Tzarafi (IL), Fiambrera (ES), Gonzalo Frasca (UY), Jodi (BE, NL), Molleindustria (IT), Personal Cinema (GR), Persuasive Games (U.S.), Robert Praxmarer (AT), Serious Games Interactive (DK), Tale of Tales (BE), Vladan Joler (RS), Vladimir Todorović (RS, SG), Urtica (RS) 



Saturday, 08.03.2008.

17:00 hrs
Keeping the exhibition Play Cultures


Curator Kristian Lukić talks about the exhibition and related events and discussions
in relation to the positions and issues that this project problematizes, with special reference to the question of licensing,
ownership and participation in today’s gaming and virtual platforms.

What is the position of the class “gamers” in today’s society?
Is the militarization of the culture of digital games is something that can be redefined?
As a toy culture can be used for emancipatory processes or education?
What constitutes a genre of art digital games?


18:00 hrs
After copyright


Sooner or later, changes in the traditional system of thinking is inevitable. What will happen to the billions of texts, images, games, music and films that offer us? How will all this material will be organized, and how to search? Who governs the archives, who uses them, and how?
Do we enter a time when politics will be guided through the control interface and the meta-data?



Rasmus Fleischer, Magnus Eriksson (piratbyran.org), Tom Medak, Marcell Mars (mi2.hr), Ronaldo Lemos (icommons.org).
moderates Vlidi (slobodnakultura.org)

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Producer exhibition Play Cultures:
Institute for flexible culture and technology – NAPON


Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade
Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Sad
Center for New media_kuda.org, Novi Sad


The Executive Council of the Autonomous
Province of Vojvodina
Ministry of Culture of Serbia
Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade,
BS Processor, Neobee.net,
Fund for an Open Society Serbia

Play Cultures Exhibition was organized in collaboration with the Festival two free culture, Creative Commons Salon