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First public meeting of the Indendent cultural scene of Novi Sad with the City Committee of Culture

With Cit Committee of Culture, Independent cultural scene of Novi Sad started a dialogue on years long problems it faces. Meeting was held on July 21th at the City Hall.


At the meeting, we met with a member of the City Council for Culture Dalibor Rožić, along with few representatives of the City Committee of Culture and representatives of public company Poslovni prostor. Focus of this dialog was on solving specific problems that cultural workers of this initiative face.Iindependent cultural scene of Novi Sad has so far held four joint meetings to articulate the majority of the problems encountered in their work. With the idea that the dialog should be public and that these problems are problems of citizens of Novi Sad, initiative held a press conference in order to come to a constructive solution of vital problems. For the first time it encountered a quick response of the City Committee, that requested an appointment in order to move forward. We came with the conclusion that these meetings are to be held continuously in order to soon came to best solutions that would allow continued functioning of the independent cultural scene in the city.



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