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Napon -
Institute for flexible cultures and technologies

Exhibition PLAY CULTURES in Bratislava

Event type: Exhibition
Place: Dom Umenia, Nam. SNP 12 Bratislava Slovakia
Date: 14/04/2009
Curator: Kristian Lukić

Exhibition Play Cultures

14.04 – 03.05.2009
Dom Umenia,
Nam. SNP 12


Opening of exhibition:
Tuesday 14.04.2009
18:00 hours


What is the position of the class of “gamers” in today’s culture and society? Could game culture be used for emancipatory
purposes and education? Is the militarization of game culture something that can be deconstructed or does it represent a highly
customizable recruitment and ideological tool of the war culture?


The exhibition “Play Cultures” is an international exhibition that presents contemporary artistic production that uses the
language of digital games and shows one possible view of how the genre of digital games can be used in a creative and engaging way. The exhibition consists of standalone games, mods, video works, multiplayer games and interactive storytelling. Exhibition consists of works covering wide spectrum from political propaganda to hacker techniques and from high aestheticism to social themes.


AES + F (RU), Alon Tzarafi (IL), Afkar Media (SY), Fiambrera (ES), Gonzalo Frasca (UY), Jodi (BE, NL), Molleindustria (IT), Personal Cinema (GR), Persuasive Games (US), Robert Praxmarer (AT), Serious Games Interactive (DK), Tale of Tales (BE), Vladan Joler (RS), Vladimir Todorović (RS, SG), Urtica (RS)

Curator of the exhibition:


Kristian Lukić


The exhibition is organized in the frame of festival Multiplace 8




Institute for Flexible Cultures
and Technologies – Napon,
Atrakt Art



Musem of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, National Culture Centre Bratislava, Multiplace