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Institute for flexible cultures and technologies

WEALTH OF NATIONS / Exhibition and Conference

Exhibition and conference / Trg Slobode, Novi Sad / 06/06/2009

Wealth of Nations is a part of the Cinema City festival and consists of an exhibition and a conference. The term ‘Wealth of Nations’ is the title of the seminal book by the Scottish economist Adam Smith, in which he establishes and defends the basics of Liberal Economic Policy. Liberal Economics experienced its peak in the 1990s after the concept of Real Socialism had failed and the global free market had been established. This economy, however, has entered a period of deep crisis in the past few months and it might, for a shorter or longer period, affect the stability of societies all over…

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Workshop, presentations, lectures, exhibition / Youth center-CK13 city : Novi Sad, Serbia / 04/05/2009

Unavailability of adequate spaces for marketing billboards and posters, the logic behind instant capitalism and general pollution of the urban environment by means of applying propaganda materials at inappropriate places (trees, buildings, poles) are just some of the topics of interest for the project theme. Mentioned issues by no doubts constitute an evolving process of spamming executed on the streets of Novi Sad by the careless workers and their ignorant employers who provide them with low wages and poor instructions. The aim of the project is not to clean the city, it aims to give attention on this specific cultural and visual fenomenon.

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Exhibition PLAY CULTURES in Bratislava

Exhibition / Dom Umenia, Nam. SNP 12 Bratislava Slovakia / 14/04/2009

What is the position of the class of “gamers” in today’s culture and society? Could game culture be used for emancipatory
purposes and education? Is the militarization of game culture something that can be deconstructed or does it represent a highly
customizable recruitment and ideological tool of the war culture? The exhibition “Play Cultures” is an international exhibition that presents contemporary artistic production that uses the language of digital games…

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TERRITORIES AND RECOURCES / Exhibition and conference

Exhibition and conference / Novi Sad / 14/06/2008

The title and topic of the year-to-date festival of selected new media is “Territories and Resources”. Its aim is to research the phenomena of social networking sites, online multiplayer games, virtual worlds and the so-called Web 2.0; all set in the context of new digital and network territories. New social technologies are creating new domains of possibilities, which mirror contemporary art, sociability, economics, politics and culture, which are all deeply incorporated into the logic of info-capitalism. Within the context of these new frames of reference, hitherto unacquainted and specific resources manifest themselves: the users, to which new technologies are tailored.

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