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Napon -
Institute for flexible cultures and technologies

Autonomy – Co-production of technology and society

screening / presentation / discussion / analysis / Youth Center CK13, Vojvode Bojovića 13, Novi Sad /

Organized by the Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologie NAPON, Monday, 26 by Thursday 29th November from 19h, in the Youth Center RC 13 in Novi Sad, there will be a program called “Autonomy – Co-production of society and technology.” The program includes a series of screenings of films and videos, presentations, analyzes and discussions on historical and contemporary aspects of automation. The event is designed as a place of research and open discussion about the relationship between culture, politics and technology and as a preparation for the international conference and exhibition of “autonomy,” which will be held in Novi Sad in October 2013. year.

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“Michel Bauwens Lecture: Four scenarios for inevitable future of P2P. “

Lecture / Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad / 03/10/2012

Organized by the Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies “Napon” on Wednesday, 3 October at 18h in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad will be a lecture by Michel Bauwens, theorist, writer and researcher in the field of technology, culture and innovation. Aim of the lecture is to present alternative ways of financing and barter-based peer-to-peer concept. One of the pioneers of this concept was Bauwens. As a founding and leading activists P2P Foundation and the Commons Strategies Group, Bauwens will present concepts and development for which these organizations stand for.

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Techno-ecologies project

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The idea of techno-ecologies was first proposed in 2011 by Eric Kluitenberg, Dutch media theorist and writer, who was invited by RIXC to develop conceptual framework for future development of RIXC’s networked initiative, which started with Art and Renewable Energy Technologies in 2009. In a result of these a new collaborative initiative Renewable Network was launched. This network unites artists seeking for new ways and other approaches in the quest for sustainable future followed by an interest in interdisciplinary collaboration artists who are part of this network are working in rural and urban environments, combining art and agriculture, information networks and energy industry, nature and technology, cultural heritage and modern sustainable architecture solutions, knowledge by professional artists, scientists and traditions in local communities, etc.

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exhibition / Gallery of Contemporary Art Pancevo KC Zivojin Misic 1, Pancevo / 20/12/2011

Autonomy! a project that explores the local and global aspects of machine intelligence and autonomy. Exhibition as part of the project is an example autonomous robot, hardware and software models at the time of the project appear on the market in the form of functional prototypes or mass production and wide application. Robotics and machine intelligence have more than a century of human imaginarium, and our approach to the topic is inevitably marked by science fiction visions of utopian and dystopian near-future scenarios of robotic society. A special part of the utopian vision of the future is the one…

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