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Institute for flexible cultures and technologies


promotion of publication / Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina / 04/12/2014

On Thursday 4th of December at the premises of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Institute for flexible cultures and technologies – NAPON will present new publication Autonomies. Publication Autonomies is part of a Techno Ecology project, which was conducted in collaboration with the Institute for Culture of Vojvodina as a publisher.

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Exhibition Autonomies / artists and works

exhibition / Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina in Novi Sad / 07/11/2013

Exhibition Autonomies

Read more about artists and their artworks.

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Conference Autonomies : Presentations and lectures

presentation, lecture / Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Dunavska 37,Novi Sad, Serbia / 11/26/2013

Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies – NAPON invites you to the presentation of artist works and research in the framework of the exhibition “Autonomy”. Geraldine will present her current work about financialisation of everything, where she use markets as materials to deface the cultish nature of financial capitalism. As part of the presentation the group Les Mislerebles will also present the latest pre-premiere -made political locative game android game One Good Day . Joana Moll work “AZ: move and get shot” and “The Texas Border” are two net based artworks which explore the phenomenon of surveillance on the internet carried out by civilians on the border between Mexico and the US. Gerald Nestler lecture about financial algorithms create a space of presence whose transaction speed transcends human perception.

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Seeds underground party in Novi Sad

party, discussion / Izba, Železnička 4, Novi Sad / 07/11/2013

Seeds Underground party


21 h

Club Izba

Železnička 4, Novi Sad

Seeds underground is seed exchange parties where packets of seeds change hands and go underground in the fields across nation borders. Bring your harvested, acquired seeds of sorts to this party! Sign on to trade seeds., to adopt and germinate, to broadcast and track their distribution. Bring your music, pump up the volume, exchange seeds while partying! Resist the monopolizing tendencies of large seed producers!

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