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Exhibitions / discussions / presentations / Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Dunavska 37, Novi Sad / 28/10/2007

Exhibition of famous pioneers of net.art. Irational is an informal group of six international net and media artists who once gathered around the server irational.org, founded by the British net artist Heath Bunting 1996th Irational.org members are: Daniel G. Andujar (Valencia / Spain), Rachel Baker (London / UK), Kayle Brandon (Bristol / GB), Heath Bunting (Bristol / UK)
Minerva Cuevas (Mexico City / Mexico), Marcus Valentine (Bristol / UK).

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Workshop, presentations, lectures, exhibition / Gallery SULUV, Novi Sad, Serbia / 15/10/2007

Open Design Studio 02 project was presented to Novi Sad audience between the dates 13.-28. October 2007 in the gallery SULUV – Federation of Associations of Artists of Vojvodina. The project focus was on providing supplemental education to the students of Bogdan Šuput High School for Design, presenting the works of Serbian and foreign graphic designers to the local audience, and developing an international communication network of young Serbian and Slovak designers.

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PLAY CULTURES – Novi Sad exhibition

exhibition /workshops/ concerts / The Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad Dunavska 37 Novi Sad Vojvodina Serbia; Youth Center CK13, Vojvode Bojovica 13 / 04/10/2007

The exhibition “Play Cultures” is an international exhibition that presents contemporary artistic production that uses the language of digital games and shows one possible view of how the genre of digital games can be used in a creative and engaging way. The exhibition consists of standalone games, mods, video works, multiplayer games and interactive storytelling.

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PLAY CULTURE- Novi Sad-conference

conference / Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad / 04/10/2007

What is the position of the class of “gamers” in today’s culture and society? Could game culture be used for emancipatory
purposes and education? Is the militarization of game culture something that can be deconstructed or does it represent a highly
customizable recruitment and ideological tool of the war culture?

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