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First public meeting of the Indendent cultural scene of Novi Sad with the City Committee of Culture

With Cit Committee of Culture, Independent cultural scene of Novi Sad started a dialogue on years long problems it faces. Meeting was held on July 21th at the City Hall.   At the meeting, we met with a member of the City Council for Culture Dalibor Rožić, along with few representatives of the City Committee of Culture and representatives of public company Poslovni prostor. Focus of this dialog was on solving specific problems that cultural workers of this initiative face.Iindependent cultural scene of Novi Sad has so far held four joint meetings to articulate the majority of the problems encountered…

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Press conference – Requirements of Novi Sad Independent cultural scene

Press conference / /

Independent cultural scene of Novi Sad requested an urgent public meeting with city officials regarding the alarming situation and the conditions in which it operates, as well as a number of current events that are indicating a progressive suppression strategy of the independent production and organization.   Representatives of civic associations and professional organizations requested the open discussion concerning many problems they are dealing with, including the issue of leasing public and work spaces, the results of the annual city competition in the field of culture for year 2016 which are published only just at the beginning of June, and…

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Question of memory – Public talk and lectures

Public talk / Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina / 28/05/2016

Question of memory – Public talk with lectures, was held on Saturday, 28 May 2016 at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, starting at 12.30h. It was designed as a round table that dealt with the issue of slow forgetfulness of new media practices, digital and post digital art and archives of digital culture and art.   During this event invited guest will present projects such as MayDay archive (Howard Slater), Longtime archive of  kuda.org practices as a cultural organization, Archives of MSUV-a (Luka Kulić), Yugoslav humanities archive (Učitelj neznalica), Portraits and memories (Andrea Palašti and Stefan Jovanović), Lecture…

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Question of memory – Open call

Publication, Conference / Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina / 28/05/2016

Conference – Question memories   Application deadlines:   Conference – 20.05.2016.   Publication – 31.05.2016.   Date of the conference:   05/28/2016 Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad       Institute for flexible culture and technologies – Napon is inviting you to participate in the conference “Question of Memory” as well as to apply with text and essays for it’s publication.   Conference “Question of Memory” deals with contemporary digital and post digital media art and culture. In recent years, questions of archives, memories, free access to knowledge, knowledge as a common good and the defense of…

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