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Institute for flexible cultures and technologies

Autonomies Event Schedule

Event type: workshop, exhibition, presentations, talks
Place: MSUV and Academy of Arts in Novi Sad
Date: 07/11/2013

Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies - NAPON , is organizing various events during November 2013 at the premises of MSUV and the Academy of Arts.


The program includes an exhibition  ”Autonomy “, the workshop ” InfraEcoMapping “, ” Seeds underground party ” and ” Interview with the artists ‘ . Events are designed as a place for education and open discussion between culture , politics, technology and ecology.


Thursday, 7th


Autonomies exhibition opening at 7 pm


Museum of Contemporary Art


Exhibition  ”Autonomy “examines the complex relationships of technological development and ecosystems. The exhibition shows the artistic research of the phenomenon of HFT ( high frequency trade ), mechanical failures in the examples of Google street view , or face recognition software. Some works are dealing with autonomous systems that monitor borders , and some works are  based on  researching electromagnetic frequency in the city. The exhibition focuses on the relationship between ecology and technology.


Thursday, 7th


Seeds underground party

Cafe club IZBA 9 pm


Seeds Underground Party is a project  by artist Shu Lea Cheang . This project is going to held  for the first time in Serbia and the region.


In certain parts of the world, the vast farmlands have been colonised by genetically modified crops for our staple foods (i.e. wheat, soybeans, corns). Introduced 30 years ago, the transgenic biotechnology has since been commercialised by the patent-protected corporate sectors. Taking over the wholesale markets, the Herbicide-tolerant and pest-resistant seeds promise higher yields and profits without much ecological concerns. This year, the European Union is about to adopt a new seed policy, which favours the seed industry corporations by making all seeds subject to strict regulation. It is feared that this will hurt organic varieties and prevent seed exchange by seed farmers and savers.


Join us for a seed exchange party where packets of seeds change hands, bring your self-harvested homegrown seeds of sorts


Friday 8th

Talk with artists from 6 to 8 pm


Research of electromagnetic frequency in the city from 8 to 8.30 pm


Museum of Contemporary Art


Artists :


Darija Medić / Serbia

Darija is a media artist and researcher. Her work is based on use of language , technology and design. She is researching in the field of correction / theft / identity construction in modern technological practices. Most of her works are speculative interventions in the imperfections of the system , which raises questions of social construction of meaning and the dynamics of the distribution of power . She studied at  Networked Media at Pit Cvart Institute in Rotterdam, Netherlands and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad , Serbia.


After the talks , the audience will have the opportunity not only to hear about Daria work , but also to take a ride around town with her in a search for electromagnetic frequencies.


Stevan Kojić/ Serbia

Graduated in 1997 with a BA in sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade and completed MA at the same Faculty in 1999. Since 2004 has been a Teaching Assistant and since 2008 is a Docent at the New Media Department of Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. He has participated in international symposiums, projects, group and solo exhibition in Europe and abroad.


Zvonko Gorečanin / Serbia

Having finished the studies in power engineering, he has been engaged in the research in the fields of system stability and system management – Smart Grid in particular. He is the author of several tens of papers and books in the mentioned fields. In his further work, he has directed his research activities towards deeper analysis of cultural practice related to various power system needs in different society parts or finding the benefits in the disbalance, which in relation with Information Technology, could create a more stable power system. Even with the reduction in use of fossil and nuclear fuels and increase of renewables which has been impossible only until recently. Currently, he is hired as an leading expert on projects in advanced European Smart Grid companies (Italy, Denmark and Russia). He is a member of Eastwood – Real Time Strategy Group.


Friday, 15-17 th


Workshop InfraEcoMapping –Analyzing the state of urban landscape   2 -4 pm


Classroom for new media art , Academy of Arts


The workshop is based on the possibilities of infrared photography to detect active plant growth and level of photosynthesis . Participants will have the opportunity to learn about alternative ways  that deals with technology, ecology and art.


Learn new DIY methods of infrared photography . Gather data from nature and make info-graphics. If you are interested in new and creative way of exploring  the urban landscape and its flora without expensive scientific gadgets, sign up for the workshop InfraEcoMapping .



Stevan Kojić

new media artist and professor


The program is part of the international project ” Techno- Ecologies” implemented by the Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies NAPON (Novi Sad) , in cooperation with organizations : RIXC (Latvia ) , Baltan Laboratories ( Netherlands) , Ars Longa (France) and Finnish BioArt Society ( Finland ) , the Museum of contemporary Art and the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad .


Admission to all events is free.


Project is supported by : The Culture of the European Union , the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Public Information and the Department for Culture of Vojvodina


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